About Us

Founded in 1978, DSN Software is a prestigious, privately-owned software development firm with an enduring legacy that spans nearly half a century. Our mission is to empower modern dental and specialized practices through intelligent software solutions that not only enhance management strategies but elevate the entire patient experience.

From our locations in Centralia, Washington and Tulsa, Oklahoma, we proudly serve thousands of dental specialty practices across the United States. Our commitment to innovation is deeply ingrained in our DNA, driving us to continually streamline workflows and structure online information efficiently.

But, we don’t stop there. Our state-of-the-art software offers features that revolutionize practice management – a meticulously designed EMR module, comprehensive reporting, and more. These features don’t merely follow the trend, they define it, setting new standards for the digital, cloud-based practices of today.

At DSN Software, we’re not just keeping pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of dental practice management, we’re creating the future. With every line of code, we’re building bridges to a smarter, more responsive, and more efficient healthcare future.

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