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High-level view of important KPI metrics, year-over-year growth trends, and other important data help you know where your business stands so you can make well-informed decisions that move your practice forward. 

Referral Relationships

Referrals are the bread and butter of your practice. With DSN Analytics, you get real-time referral monitoring to track where your referrals are coming from and analyze the quality of your referral relationships. 

Provider Performance

Optimize your team by examining and monitoring the performance of each provider at your practice through comprehensive comparison tools and historical provider data and statistics. 

Office Performance

DSN Analytics gives you the power to extract valuable insights for each individual practice location. This tool allows you to visualize annual trends, monitor KPIs, track referrals, review new patient data, and more.

Revenue Cycle Management

Maintain your practice’s financial health with our easy-to-use revenue cycle management tool that allows you to effortlessly track your 30/60/90/120 buckets by carriers, plans, offices, procedures, and providers.

View Accounting Collections

Organize and optimize your practice’s collection performance with our accounting collections tool, which provides a comprehensive view of month-to-month production collections, including adjustments and refunds, to boost your bottom line. 

Zip Code Marketing

With DSN Analytics Zip Code Marketing, you can better attract, retain, and serve new patients by uncovering key demographic information and knowing where they are coming from to support their healthcare journey. 

Procedure Analysis

Ensure your practice meets healthcare benchmarks by evaluating procedure volume, as well as where the procedures are being performed, which doctor is performing them, and the quality of each procedure. 

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