What Can DSN Do For You

At DSN, our experienced team knows that switching practice management software can seem like a nightmare. But we also know that our cloud-based technology will revolutionize the way your practice operates, save your practice time and money, and—arguably the most important benefit—improve your patient experience. Here’s how.

    Streamline Your Workflow

    DSN Cloud features advanced automation tools and modern processes that will optimize your practice’s workflow so your team can better focus on what matters – your patients. 

    We ensure your practice runs smoothly by digitizing appointment scheduling, integrating dental applications, automating the collection of patient feedback, increasing productivity with remote access, automating patient messaging, incorporating online payment processing, and more. 

      Eliminate On-Site Server Needs

      It can be costly to purchase, maintain, and update on-site servers. By switching to our innovative cloud-based software, your practice can eliminate the need for on-site servers, saving you time and money while improving your remote working capabilities. 

        Improve Disaster Recovery

        Unexpected events happen. Nothing taught us that more than COVID-19. But disasters occurred well before that, and dental practices had to deal with unforeseen circumstances like data breaches, floods, and fires. 

        Moving your practice to the cloud can better protect your business. Not only is the cloud a more secure place to store your data, DSN Cloud is accessible from anywhere on any internet-connected device, allowing your team to resume scheduling, charting, billing, and reporting quickly. 

          Empower Your Team with Industry-Leading Tools

          We continually improve our practice management software to ensure our clients have the most relevant tools and features to keep up with the ever-changing dental industry. Employing state-of-the-art technology translates into empowered and more motivated employees, reducing turnover rates and feeding into a more profitable practice. 

            Elevate Your Patient Experience

            Prioritizing your patients is the key to a successful dental practice. With DSN Cloud’s patient-focused features like personalized engagement, convenient e-services (e.g., text reminders), simplified payment options, online scheduling, and easy online forms, your practice can improve patient satisfaction, increase patient retention, and elevate your patient experience. 

              Keep Everything Under One Roof

              With DSN, there’s no need for third-party integrations. Forget paying external providers for essential elements like e-services, patient engagement, and email encryption. DSN ensures you have everything you need under one roof with our all-inclusive practice management software. At no extra cost to you, we provide those key features and more to further your practice’s productivity and success. 

                Schedule a DSN Cloud Demo

                What are you waiting for? Experience DSN Cloud for yourself and see how it can improve your practice’s workflow, productivity, and patient care. Contact us to schedule a demo. 

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