Perio-Exec for Periodontal Practices

The Next Generation of Cloud-Based Practice Management Software for Periodontics

Embrace a new level of precision with DSN Cloud. Our innovative software strategically combines technology and medicine to optimize your periodontal practice management so you can focus on what matters – providing exceptional patient care and growing your business. 

Take Your Practice to the Cloud

Our advanced cloud-based practice management software sets a new standard for accuracy, accessibility, and speed. No matter where you are, you and your team can access key features like implant tracking, scheduling, billing, perio charting, and imaging – all in one, easy-to-use platform. 

Groundbreaking Periodontal Treatment Record

DSN Cloud’s PTR module is just what your periodontal practice needs. Intelligent features like historical and periodontal charting, complete clinical notes and letters, patient treatment plans and alternating recalls, Vitals Monitors integration, drug interaction warnings, and implant records improve practice efficiency, patient care, and collaboration on cases. 

Precise Implant Management

Keep your practice’s implant inventory lean, efficient, and properly stocked with our advanced Implant Management module. Intuitive features like inventory level tracking with barcode or QR code scanners, low stock notifications, and quick patient implant linking optimize your implant inventory and improve patient treatment planning. 

Data-Driven Referral Tracking

Referrals are the bread and butter of your periodontal practice. With DSN Cloud’s highly-developed referral module, you and your team can amplify collaboration between offices, improve patient treatment, and utilize detailed referral reports to make data-driven decisions that maximize your referral base and grow your specialty practice. 

Comprehensive Reports and Insights

Do more with insightful data and information that drives your decisions and accelerates your success. Utilize over 300 detailed reports on implant tracking, perio charting, treatment reports, critical patient data, prescription planning, and referrals to dramatically improve your workflow and increase the capabilities of your periodontal practice. 

Do More with DSN Cloud

  • Complete HIPAA Compliance – Surpass HIPAA compliance data protection requirements with robust encryption, regular data backups, security audits, and third-party intrusion detection. 
  • Personalized Patient Engagement – Forget third-party integrations. Multi-Exec includes e-services like text reminders, direct messages, e-statements, video chats, and online scheduling. 
  • Online Forms & Templates – Fill-in-the-blank online forms and templates like patient registration forms and referral letter templates help streamline your workflow. 
  • Over 300+ Reports – Our software excels when it comes to reporting capabilities. Quickly create detailed reports on key information such as surgical sedation records, implant tracking, charting, and more. 
  • Cloud-Based Imaging Software – DSN Cloud Multi-Exec integrates with several imaging brands to provide instant access to images, scans, and x-rays within seconds.  
  • Constant Connectivity – No matter where you are in the world, patient information is accessible at any time by any employee on any internet-connected device. 
  • Advanced Technology – Regular automatic software updates ensure your practice is running at the highest level of performance. 
  • Easy Insurance Flow – Simplify your insurance management with DSN Cloud’s easy electronic submissions, real-time insurance eligibility, claim tracking, and reporting. 
  • Go Paperless – We make it easy to move towards a paperless office with electronic clinical records, charting, perio and endodontic reporting, referral letters, and a patient task tracker. 
  • Smooth Billing – DSN Cloud features an integrated online payment portal, recurring billing systems, affordable payment options, e-statements, and easy billing adjustments for smooth billing. 
  • One Price, Unlimited Devices – DSN Cloud supports large multi-specialty practices by allowing unlimited devices connected to your account. Plus, we don’t charge per device. Winning. 
  • Extensive Training & Support – Expert tech support and training ensures you and your team feel comfortable using our advanced multi-specialty practice management software. 

Join Us in the Cloud

Take the level of patient care and the growth of your multi-specialty practice to new heights. DSN Cloud Multi-Exec is your ticket to better workflows, treatment planning, and patient care. Schedule a demo today with the DSN team and learn more about what our innovative technology can do for you. 

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