Easily Manage Your Practice

Simplicity and efficiency are key to managing your practice with ease. DSN Cloud ensures your day-to-day tasks run smoothly through advanced features like e-services, patient data management, referral tracking, easy integrations, cloud imaging, insurance flow, HIPAA compliance, and more. 

The DSN Cloud Difference

Cloud-Based Connectivity – Reduces your physical hardware and on-site servers, readily accessible from anywhere at any time, always up-to-date software, enhanced cybersecurity

Convenient E-Services – two-way direct messaging, face-to-face video chats, appointment and recall reminders, online appointment scheduling, online prescription management

Patient Data Management – specialty-specific EMR module, data conversion, clinical documentation, progress notes, easy-to-view charts, treatment planning 

Digital Forms – easy electronic patient registration, electronic patient consent forms, health insurance forms, consultation, and referral forms

Referral Tracking – detailed referral reports and analyses, referral letters pulled from clinic documentation, fill-in-the-blank letter templates

Easy Integrations – integrates with industry-leading software, full Lexicomp integration, digital imaging software, integrated payment solutions

DSN Cloud Imaging – load and share images, scans and x-rays in seconds, real-time CBCT imaging manipulation, eliminate physical discs and reduce hardware 

Insurance Flow – easy electronic insurance submission, real-time insurance eligibility, claim tracking, billing adjustments

HIPAA Compliance – top-of-the-line cybersecurity protocols, industry-leading safeguards to protect ePHI, robust email encryption included for free, regular data backups

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